Inline Twin Engine Ep. 12

The rocker arms are milled from 1144 stressproof steel. The process for making the rockers is the same I have used before on this engine using soft jaws for the second side machining operation.

The first side is machined:

Inline Twin 186 (800x450)

Inline Twin 187 (800x450)

The soft jaws are set up, and ready for the second side to be machined:

Inline Twin 188 (800x450)

The second side finished, still clamped in the vise.

Inline Twin 189 (800x450)

Last op on the rocker is to drilled and tap for the lash adjustment screw:

Inline Twin 190 (800x450)

The finished rockers:

Inline Twin 191 (800x450)

The rocker shafts to mount the rockers are made as well:

Inline Twin 192 (800x450)

For the adjustment screws, I modified socket head cap screws by machining out the hex with a ball end mill.

Inline Twin 193 (800x450)

Inline Twin 194 (800x450)

The adjustment screws installed:

Inline Twin 195 (800x450)


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