On this site I’m sharing my hobby of model engineering and other projects from my workshop.

The goal is to inspire people to build things of their own. Making things…

Regardless of what it is, but for people to go out into their workshops, and to be creative.


  1. Hi Yogi,
    Was thinking about our conversation about leveling pads for the Bridgeport and remembered that the base casting is ” hollow ” where the pads would mount. Use to have to put a piece of crs flat bar across the bottom for the pads to work. They may have changed the casting, but I thought I would mention it.
    Lots of iron in the Maho !



    1. Thanks for your comment Brian. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do for leveling the Bridgeport. I think I’ll but it on blocks and shim it for now, to get it off the skates. I might do the leveling pads later.



  2. I saw your stump grinder and wanted to learn more about it as I’m interested in using a subcompact tractor in the same way. I’m in Ky. Can you reply via email? I am wondering about costs, etc. It’s hard to find a small one used, for sale. Thinking about building one feels overwhelming.


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