Lehmann Striling Engine Ep. 3

The next parts for the engine being made are the bearing blocks.

For the tall bearing block, I used hot rolled steel bar. Milling the profile to full depth on the first op.

Lehmann 022 (800x600)Lehmann 023 (800x600)

Moving on to the second side by milling away the remaining stock and finish to final thickness:

Lehmann 024 (800x600)

The top of the bearing block is tapped to mount the bearing cap.

Lehmann 025 (800x600)

The bottom mounting holes are drilled:

Lehmann 026 (800x600)

Counter bore from the top for the mounting pads. To be able to reach, I used a DA200 collet extension.

Lehmann 027 (800x600)


Lehmann 028 (800x600)

The short bearing block I had previously made. All it needed to be finished was a small slot as a cosmetic feature.

Lehmann 029 (800x600)

The bearing caps are installed, and bored out for the bearing.

Lehmann 030 (800x600)Lehmann 031 (800x600)Lehmann 032 (800x600)

The caps are then finished up by tapping a hole for the oil cups.

Lehmann 033 (800x600) (800x600)

The last operation was to drill a hole in the blocks for a pin to prevent the bearing from rotating.

Lehmann 034 (800x600)Lehmann 035 (800x600)

The finished bearing blocks:

Lehmann 036 (800x600)Lehmann 037 (800x600)


Thank you for visiting my shop.

If you have any questions about the engine or any of the other projects, please leave a comment below, or email at yogisworkshop(at)yahoo.com

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