Lehmann Stirling Engine Ep. 2

The cylinder is made from 1144 steel, and has a 50mm ID, 62mm OD, and is 194mm long when finished.
The challenge on this part, is for the tool not to chatter in the long bore. To rough out the bore, I used a carbide insert boring bar and roughed it out from either side. To finish, I used a HSS boring bar, to be able to take light cuts, and was able to accomplish it without chatter.

Taking a finishing cut, using a 1″ boring bar with a HSS bit. The stick out on the bar is 8 inches.

Lehmann 018 (800x600)

The surface finish from turning alone was really nice already, as shown in the picture below. To make it even better, I used a small break cylinder hone. This took only a few passes to finish.

Lehmann 019 (800x600)

The cylinder is installed in the housing with Loctite 609.

Lehmann 020 (800x600)

The honed cylinder, even though the surface finish isn’t showing up well in the picture.

Lehmann 021 (800x600)


Thank you for visiting my shop.

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