Month: December 2017

Inline Twin Engine Ep. 14

Before I can try to start the engine for the first time, it needs a carburetor. I’m planing to use a RC engine carburetor, and need to build a flange to mount it to the engine.

Holding a long piece of aluminum in the vise, the first side is milled:

Inline Twin 208 (800x600)

The stock is turned over, and the second side is finished:

Inline Twin 209 (800x600)

The “holding stock” is cut off on the cold saw:

Inline Twin 210 (800x600)

The saw cut is cleaned up, and the holes drilled:

Inline Twin 211 (800x600)Inline Twin 212 (800x600)

The finished flange:

Inline Twin 213 (800x600)

…and the O.S. carburetor installed on the engine:

Inline Twin 214 (800x600)

Now I have all the parts needed to see if there is life in this engine. I set up a temporary ignition and fuel system and gave the engine a spin…




There is of course some tuning needed, but without a cooling system, I kept the runs short not to overheat the engine.

The first start of an engine is always very exiting, and also a huge relieve after all the work getting to this point. Now that we know we have a running engine, I’ll continue working on the project to get it finished. The next part on the list will be the coolant pump.


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