Month: November 2017

Inline Twin Engine Ep. 13

The flywheel for the engine is next.

It is a straight forward turning job. Here, the first side is done:

Inline Twin 196 (800x450)

The flywheel is turned over and the second side is finished:

Inline Twin 197 (800x450)

The finished flywheel:

Inline Twin 198 (800x450)

As a contrast to the mostly aluminum engine, I decided to cold blue the flywheel. Hopefully this will also help a little with corrosion protection.
I used Brownells Oxpho Blue, and I’m happy how it turned out. It’s not as dark as a commercial black oxide finish, and has more of a blue tint to it.

Inline Twin 199 (800x450)

The flywheel installed on the crankshaft using a taper locking assembly.

Inline Twin 200 (800x450)

While I was bluing the flywheel, I decided to give the rockers the same treatment:

Inline Twin 201 (800x450)

The rockers installed:

Inline Twin 202 (800x450)

I also made the tappets and tappet guides:

Inline Twin 203 (800x450)

Inline Twin 204 (800x450)

Inline Twin 205 (800x450)

Valve springs and spring retainers installed:

Inline Twin 206 (800x450)

Push rods installed:

Inline Twin 207 (800x450)


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