Inline Twin Engine Ep. 10

The valves are made up of two pieces and silver soldered together. With this method, the long, slender valve stem is already precision ground and doesn’t need to be further machined.

The parts before and after silver soldering:

Inline Twin 154 (800x450)Inline Twin 155 (800x450)

The valve head is finished in the lathe:

Inline Twin 156 (800x450)Inline Twin 157 (800x450)

Last, the valve stem is turned to length and a groove for the spring retainer is cut:

Inline Twin 158 (800x450)

The finished valves:

Inline Twin 159 (800x450)

Another part for the cylinder head is the bracket for the rockers.

First, the stock is clamped vertical in the vise, to machine the contour and drill the hole.

Inline Twin 160 (800x450)

The work piece is laid horizontal to mill the bracket to finish width:

Inline Twin 161 (800x450)

The bracket is cut off the remaining stock with the cold saw:

Inline Twin 162 (800x450)

The last operation is to clean up the saw cut, milling the bracket to final thickness. Drilling the mounting holes, and tapping for a set screw that will hold the rocker shaft in place. The paper in the vise is to protect the finished surfaces from getting marked up.

Inline Twin 163 (800x450)

The finished bracket:

Inline Twin 164 (800x450)



Thank you for visiting my shop.

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