SAM Hit ‘n Miss Ep. 7

To continue the story of the SAM twins, we have to fast forward to my next visit to Switzerland, which was a little over a year later. The project remained more or less idle, as it was back to reality for the both of us. My brother did finished a few parts, like the crankcase pressure regulator and the fill plug.

I regularly received an update, saying the engines are doing well and running. The engines got some running time for break in and to give them a good shake down…

The wood boards for the engines were made by our dad, as he is the wood worker in the family. The box for the battery, I picked up at the local crafts store.

Another addition to the engines was an oil level sight glass.

Here, the two finished engines running next to each other for one last time, I was taking one of them home with me.

SAM53 (800x600)SAM54 (719x800)

The engine, as it is today in my shop. I occasionally take the engine out and let it run for a while. Every time I run the engine, it brings back the memories of the great time I had together with my brother in his shop.

SAM55 (800x533)SAM56 (800x532)

This concludes the SAM project. It was a very special project for both of us. We are  contemplating doing something similar again, as we had so much fun…


Thank you for visiting my shop.

If you have any questions about SAM or any of the other projects, please leave a comment below, or email me at yogisworkshop(at)

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