SAM Hit ‘n Miss Ep. 2

As I mentioned in Episode 1, this is not going to be a detailed build log, it will be a pictorial journey from the raw stock to the finished engines.

We started with the crankcase, as this is the central part of the engine.

SAM01 (800x600)SAM02 (800x599)SAM03 (800x579)SAM04 (800x635)

The cylinders where next.

SAM05 (759x800)SAM06 (800x600)

Having the crankcase completed, and the cylinder finished turned, we could already but the parts together to get an idea of how the engine will look like when finished.

SAM07 (800x598)

The work on the cylinders continues on the milling machine.

SAM08 (800x751)

In this operation, the cooling fins are relieved to make room for the governor weights.

SAM09 (800x600)

The cylinder and the cast iron cylinder sleeve are ready for assembly.

SAM10 (800x600)

The sleeve is an interference fit in the cylinder. Heating up the cylinder, to let it expand, the sleeve could be easily inserted.

SAM11 (800x748)SAM12 (800x722)SAM13 (800x791)

The last operation on the cylinder was to lap it to size. This will make an accurate cylindrical bore, and create a very smooth surface finish. To note is the cling film on the lathe bed, to protect it from any drips of the lapping compound.

SAM14 (800x600)

And to finish this episode; a picture of the lap we used. The slot and set screw allows it to be expanded to adjust for the increase in size of the bore while lapping, and to compensate for the wear of the lap itself.

SAM15 (673x800)


Thank you for visiting my shop.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.



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