SAM Hit ‘n Miss Ep. 1

In this project, I will feature two engines my brother and I build back in 2011. We built the engines in my brother’s shop in Switzerland during one of my visits. I was visiting for 10 days and we both felt it would make a great project to tackle together. My brother had asked for time off as well. That’s what I call spending quality time with my brother… In the workshop! Even though we spent a lot of time in the shop, there was plenty of time to sit with Mom and Dad and the rest of the family, at the kitchen table, chatting and drinking coffee.

We decided to build two engines at the same time so we both could have one.

As for the engine, we decided to build a vertical hit ‘n miss engine designed by Bob Shores, called Silver Angel. As always, there were a number of changes made to the design. The main change was an enlargement of the whole engine by about 25%. This gave us then, a bore and stroke of 24 mm and a flywheel diameter of 100 mm. I also incorporated other changes and simplifications throughout the engine, such as, changing the shape of the crank case, building up the crankshaft, and more… frankly too many to list and especially remember since it has been a while since the engines were built.

As the engine is called Silver Angel and we built it in metric, we named the engine SAM (Silver Angle Metric).

I modeled the engine in CAD earlier as I was teaching myself 3D CAD. This project offered lots of practice to learn the software.  Below are two CAD renderings.

SAM Assembly 1SAM Assembly 2

This will not be a build log as usual; we took pictures as we went along, and that’s what I will show here. I’ll be trying to put it into a build log format but there will be some gaps. I will call this series “Impressions of Building Two Engines”.

This was a very special project for both of us. It is one of those special memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life and I’m sure my brother feels the same way about it. Writing this blog and reliving those days brings it all back again.

In the next episode we’ll be start to make parts.


Thank you for visiting my shop.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you.



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