Moving a Maho Mill

Moving heavy machinery can be a very daunting task. The easy way would be to hire a rigger and have him move the machine for you. Obviously, such a service comes with a hefty price tag. The cost of having a rigger move a machine, would probably cost more than than the machine itself.  After all, it is a hobby and the budget is limited. The alternative is moving the machine myself. I still needed some help, put that was at a fraction of the cost of a rigger.

I bought the mill from a fellow in Michigan. He had the machine on a couple of 4×4’s and was moving it in his shop with a pallet jack. The Maho mill has a hole in the column and can be lifted overhead using a bar through the hole in the column. To load the machine onto my trailer, he called a tow truck with a boom. The tow truck was backed up to the door to his shop and the machine hooked on. The tow truck had no problem lifting the machine, and pulled out to the parking lot where I backed my trailer under the machine and it was lowered on to the trailer.

2013-01-04_15-53-53_646 (1024x577)2013-01-04_15-54-05_571 (1024x577)2013-01-04_15-54-13_612 (1024x577)

To unload the mill, I had a friend come over with his skid steed loader. Again, we used a bar through the column and a couple of straps to lift it off the trailer and move it into the shop. The skid steer lifted the machine, but we where getting to its limits of lifting capacity.

DSC_5286 (1024x685)

As for the cost of the move: The tow truck charged $200.- to come out and load the machine. I negotiated the loading into the price of the machine, and the seller was covering the cost. To unload, I was fortunate to have a friend to help me out, so the cost was a case of beer. The other cost for the move was the fuel for me to drive to Michigan, and I didn’t keep a tab on that.

Thank you for visiting my shop.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.




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