Duclos Gearless Ep. 12

It is time to add some bling to the engine. Philip Duclos didn’t have a muffler on his engine, and even if he did, I most likely would have changed it anyway…

Inspiration for my muffler design comes from a typical disc type muffler which is seen on many hit ‘n miss engines.

I started with the lid, and turned the inside relief first. Before parting off, I also turned what will be the front side using the parting tool. I did this, because holding the narrow part for the second side will be tricky.

2016-04-03 17.12.07 (1024x576)2016-04-03 17.13.03 (1024x576)

I turned the part around and held it very gently in the 3 jaw chuck to not make any marks from the jaws. All I had to do was to clean up the front face, as parting off didn’t leave a nice finish. Holding the part like that is definitely not ideal, but for a very light clean up cut, it worked out OK. To clamp the part square, I held it against the tailstock quill.

2016-04-03 17.27.51 (1024x576)

The back side of the muffler is turned and parted off:

2016-04-03 16.15.36 (1024x576)

This part had a nice boss to grip it in a collet for the second side operation.

2016-04-03 17.42.36 (1024x576)

Holes are drilled and tapped. Here the two parts before assembly, front and back.

2016-04-04 13.59.00 (1024x576)2016-04-04 13.59.13 (1024x576)

The muffler with a 2mm spacer, assembled.

2016-04-04 14.05.22 (1024x576)

And the muffler installed on the engine.

2016-04-04 14.06.00 (1024x576)

The last part for the engine is the Lubricator. It is fully functional, even though it’s probably a bit over kill, as few drops form an oil can would be enough for the short time the engine runs at the time, but it sure adds a nice touch.

For the glass I used polycarbonate tube from McMaster. Here the link to the product: http://www.mcmaster.com/#8585k61/=125kmox

The individual parts, before assembly.

2016-04-07 15.48.28 (1024x576)

The lubricator assembled.

2016-04-07 15.49.41 (1024x576)2016-04-07 15.51.00 (1024x576)

…and mounted on the engine.

2016-04-07 15.52.09 (1024x576)2016-04-07 15.53.18 (1024x576)

And to finish this episode, a short video of the engine running:


Thank you for visiting my shop.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.




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