Duclos Gearless Ep. 9

In this episode, I’ll continue and finish the governor.

The weight arm bracket is next. This will hold and provide a pivot for the arms.

I started on the lathe, turning a ring out of 6061 Aluminum stock.

2016-03-23 15.28.33 (1024x576)2016-03-23 15.36.11 (1024x576)

Using the trusty soft jaws, the ring is then chucked up in the vise for milling.

2016-03-26 15.49.29 (1024x576)

The next operation was to mill the slots where the arms fit in. I clamped the bracket vertical, and used a slitting saw. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture.

…and the finished bracket.

2016-03-26 17.00.31 (1024x576)

The last part for the governor is the latch.

I milled it out of a brass bar, that was just about the right thickness. It only needed a light surface cut to bring it down to the correct dimension. To hold the work, I used CA glue to bond the brass to a piece of aluminum, which I then clamped in the vise. The contour is milled using light cuts, to not put too much load onto the glue bond. It worked very well, and I think I could have done deeper cuts, as the glue held really well, but I just didn’t want to take any chances. Once the milling was done, a bit of heat to release the glue and separate the part from the aluminum backer piece.

2016-03-28 14.15.15 (1024x576)2016-03-28 16.15.51 (1024x576)2016-03-28 16.39.07 (1024x576)


The governor assembled on the engine:

2016-03-28 17.38.33 (1024x576)

2016-03-28 17.31.23 (1024x576)

To illustrate the “run” position, I’m pushing on the spool to extend the weights.

2016-03-29 20.00.14 (1024x576)


…and to finish this episode, a picture of the engine at the current state of the build. We are getting really close to the finish now.

2016-03-28 17.41.23 (772x1024)

Thank you for visiting my shop.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I get back to you.



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