Sub-Compact Stump Grinder Ep. 3

The stump grinder is finally ready for a test run!

2015-01-23 09.41.55 (1024x576)2015-01-23 09.42.22 (1024x576)2015-01-23 09.42.08 (1024x576)



One thing the test run showed, was that I needed a way to better tension the belts. I added tensioning screws to the bottom of the arm, which allow me to push on the pillow block bearings. You can see in the pictures above, how loose the belts are. But even with the belts loose, and starting to slip taking a heavy cut, the test run was still a total success.

For the finishing touches, I fabricated a guard for over the cutting disc, this will keep some of the flying debris at bay.

The hoses got routed and secured to the frame, to make things nice and tidy. The PTO shaft safety chains where permanently installed.

And finally, the grinder received a yellow paint job.

2015-05-04 10.50.24 (1024x576)2015-05-04 10.50.53 (1024x576)2015-05-04 10.51.30 (1024x576)2015-05-04 10.50.39 (1024x576)

This will conclude the stump grinder build.

I hope that some people are inspired to build their own machine.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.



  1. Hey Yogi! My Dad Brian, Toolznthings, told me about your page. I really like the grinder it looks nice! I think i am going to have to build one as well. One thing that I found when using other grinders is that if you start low at the side of the stump and work you way into it instead of cutting across the top of it you will find it will grind much better. you will end up cutting with the grain. It will cut much better, its a little harder on the teeth but saves a bunch of time grinding.


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