Duclos Gearless Ep. 7

The build has reached a milestone, as it’s time to begin assembly.

First, I have a couple of sub-assemblies.

The push rod: Of note is the spring that will positively position the indexer a quarter turn every time it indexes.

2016-02-08 12.43.16 (1024x576)

The valve chests with the valves installed.

2016-02-08 13.59.41 (1024x576)

The valve train complete.

2016-02-09 12.16.34 (576x1024)

To demonstrate the valve train, and the indexer, making the gearless part of the engine work, a short video:


At this stage, I just had to see if there is life in this engine.

It’s all just temporary. The engine is mounted on a piece of 2×4 so it can be clamped to the workbench. The fuel tank/carb is borrowed from an other engine. For the ignition, I’m using an ignition kit for a RC airplane engine. The hall sensor is taped and clamped in place, and the trigger magnet placed on the flywheel rim.

2016-02-09 16.20.50 (576x1024)



2016-02-09 16.20.44 (1024x576)

Well, it’s time to give to flywheel a spin…

… and we have a runner!

It is always a relief to hear the first pop of a new engine, after all the work to get to this point. There is still plenty of work to do to get the engine finished. Next I’ll start on the governor.  After that, it will also need a fuel tank, lubricator, and a base.

Please stay tuned for more.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you.



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